Fall for Me – Slaves pt 2

And the transfer of old posts continues.  Granted its 1:30am and I should be sleeping.. but sleep is for the weak and tomorrow I leave for Las Vegas.

Here’s another post I put together a couple weeks ago.


Yup.. the preparation for winter in SL continues.  I think I’ve amassed about 7 different types of fur shawl, scarf, or poncho.  I’m sure they will all turn up in some outfit at some point or another.  For now this is what I came up with.  Notice my leg sticks out just a little at the bottom.  I personally find it irritating, others perhaps not so much.  It can easily be solved by taking the thickness of your legs down just a little.



Skin/Shape/Nails/Lashes/Teeth/Eyes/Facial Jewelry all the same as usual

Hair – Exile – Glamorous

Dress – BlackPearls – Bella Fur

Shawl – KnickKnack – Furry Shoulder Shawl Mud

Stockings – KnickKnack – Knitted Socks Earth Pack (soil)

Necklace – Miel – CHUM Necklace

Boots – Soedara – Urukia Boots Wood Brown with Fur


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