October Fantasy Gachya

So we’re in the process of switching from one blog hosting service to another, so bit by bit I’ll be transferring over older posts while still putting up new ones.



It’s finally open!  I can’t tell you how impatient I’ve been for it to come.  With all the previews I’ve been stalking on other blogs I finally got my hot little hands on some of it all for myself.  I didn’t want to make an entire outfit just out of things I got, I wanted to use them to enhance things I already had.

The first installment … Junbug and Okami… for the Free Women..



Fur Muff – JunBug – Snow Princess Fur Muff in Brown (Common)- Fantasy Gacha

Necklace – Okami – Kanei Tsuho Necklace (Copper) – Fantasy Gacha

Wool Cape – (Milk Motion) wool cape – Collabor88!!

Fur Shawl – =MODA= – Gabor Mink Stole

Dress – JunBug – Stellata Peasant in Steel

Headpiece – Cellar Door – Wren

Hair – Truth – Vida

Necklace – Trident – Earth Mother

Necklace – Trident – Aesir Set

Skin – HUSH – Zoe Natural

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