Baby it’s Cold Outside …

Winter came!  And I didn’t even get to do my ‘winter is coming’ post to flaunt how much of a game of thrones retard I am.  Oh well.  I’ll do it anyways later.  However that’s not the point.  Upon returning home from my brief weekend away I logged in to find the entire sim I rp on covered in snow.  So excited.

Now sometimes when you’d just don’t feel like playing mix and match or you don’t have the time I have to thank a few creators for making stunning outfits that require little to no tinkering or pairing or fussing with.  Black Pearls is one such creator.  So here you go, for Free women and Northern bonds alike.. wrap up your bits in fur so they don’t get frozen off!


Body – Custom – Not For Sale

Skin – HUSH – Olivia Bronzed in Honey

Hair – Analog Dog – Pop Scotch Blacks

Eyes – Poetic Colors – Nightfall moonglare

Eyelashes – Redgrave – Natural 06

Fingernails – Jamman – Pink French

Lipstick – HUSH – Natural Juicy

Teeth – HUSH – Say Ahh Teeth

Clothing (Skirt, Shawl, Sweater) – Black Pearls – Noreen

Headband – Cellar Door – Wren Headband

Rings – Remarkable Oblivion – Death Valley

Nose ring – Hebenon Vial – Beast Gold (MODIFIED)

Collar – Forge – Wrought Collar

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