Fall for Me – Free Women part 2

Here’s another I just pieced together using a dress from last month’s We ❤ Role Play event.  This time around they have some beautiful things available and in good time I’ll have something up.  In the mean time, take a look below and see what fantastic fall fashion I’m sporting around Gor this evening.


Body – Custom – Not for Sale

Skin – HUSH – Zoe Natural

Eyelashes – HUSH – Lush Lashes

Freckles/Moles – cheLLe – (moles) Beauty Marks

Hair – TRUTH – Felicity Reds

Headband – The Forge – Celtic Headband Gold Common – October FANTASY GACHA

Dress – [Plastik] – Freya – WE ❤ Roleplay September

Shawl – Freya – Outlaw Scarf (Outlaw Brown Outfit)

Belt – The Forge – Boadicea’s Belt Gold (Tinted)

Ring – Trident – Viking Ring Set Bronze

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