Little bit of Winter Gold

And the hunt for fall/winter styles continues.  Black Pearls has put out a new dress for free women called Susanne, and of course my undying love for anything Forge continues.  As for the shawl, it is an older On a Lark creation, it is originally sold as a cloak however my hatred for flexiprim based clothing since the miracle of mesh forced me to make the cloak part of it invisible (personally I like it as well simply because no one else around me has done it so I get to have something just a little bit different).



Body – CUSTOM – Not for Sale

Hair – Truth – Vida Reds

Skin – HUSH – Zoe Natural in Cream

Eyes – Pigments – Retina Eyes Beach

Lashes – HUSH – Lush

Freckles – cheLLe – Beauty Marks

Cloak/Shawl – On A Lark – Burlap Cloak Coal

Dress – Black Pearls – Susanne

Headband – Forge – Celtic Headband Gold Common – OCTOBER FANTASY GACHA

Necklace – Forge – Boadicea’s Necklace Gold RARE – SEPTEMBER FANTASY GACHA

Belt – Forge – Boadicea’s Belt Gold

Bracelets – Forge – Boadicea’s Bracelets Gold

Ring – Trident – Viking Rings Set Bronze

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