There’s always a story behind an outfit ..

I’m a nerd when it comes to working things I wear into rp, and this new release from MeshedUp is a perfect example.  Would a bond have such a pretty bodice type piece of clothing?  Newp!  Could it be something she made off the ripped up dress of a captive Free Woman .. SURE!!

Another bit that I’m super excited about are the new Bangles from Forge, they’re gorgeous as is everything from Forge and a bit less fancy than the bracelets I usually wear by that creator.  I think they fit well for bonds.



Body – CUSTOM – Not for Sale

Skin – HUSH – Daisy Natural Honey

Hair – Exile – Stay the Night

Eyes – Poetic Colors – Nightfall Moon Glare

Lip Color – HUSH – Natural Matte

Nose Ring – Hebenon Vial – Beast Gold (MODIFIED)

Collar – Forge – Wrought Collar

Top – MeshedUp – Seda Camisk – NEWish?

Arm/Wrist Cuffs – Forge – Ailida’s Bangles Worn Bronze – NEWish?

Ring – Remarkable Oblivion – Death Valley

Shawl – Freya – Outlaw Brown

Skirt – Black Pearls – Amary

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