Back and at it again

And after a bit longer of a break than I intended we’re back and we’re up to our usual antics again.  Here’s an outfit featuring the new PFC~Elven Cloak available at the Fantasy Collective event this month.  I love this cloak for several reasons .. first of all its super affordable.  Secondly it comes with a hud, a number of color and texture options as well as a super awesome /7hood option that will put the hood up.  The hud has the ability to change the darkness of the shadow over your face when the hood is on (super fun feature and done much better than most ‘shadow prims’ some cloaks come with.)  Thirdly the cloak is a great shape and functional with the majority of the more ‘fluffy/full’ dresses I wear.


Shape – CUSTOM – Not for sale

Skin – [HUSH] – Zoe Natural

Eyes – PIGMENTS – Retina Eyes Beach

Lashes – [HUSH] – Lush

Freckles – cheLLe – (moles) Beauty Marks

Teeth – [HUSH] – Say Ahh

Hair – [e] – Over Firey Reds

Cloak – PFC~Elven Cloak Woodlands Edition – FANTASY COLLECTIVE NOVEMBER

Dress – Junbug – Stellata Peasant in Brown

Bracelets – [The Forge] – Boadicea’s Bracelets Bronze

Fur Muff – Junbug – Snow Princess Fur Muff in Brown – FANTASY GACHA OCTOBER

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