Witchy Woman

Any efforts that I’ve made to integrate color into my wardrobe beyond ‘earth tones’ and black seem to have failed miserably.  We’re calling this one witchy woman.  In my down time I like to rp and this is playing off one particular person’s belief that my character is secretly a witch … shhhhhh… it’s supposed to be a secret!

As for the outfit itself, I feel in love with May’s Soul’s Titania Scarf awhile back when it first was released, I’m just finally now getting around to using it in outfits.  In addition to that there is the .Shi. Chiffon Hood which has been around for ages but FINALLY I get to use it (There is a sheer option featured here and a not sheer version as well).  Yay for me!  And after literally hours of searching hair stores (and about 100 demos) I found a hair that works well enough with it.  Thank you so much Maitreya (I wish you would put out more hair).

I’m also wearing the new headband and necklace from Gspot’s Gacha machine at the We ❤ Roleplay November release.  Oh FYI Gspot is re-branding herself and will be known as Enfant Terrible, keep an eye out.  New things will be sold at her inworld store and rumor is her current stuff will continue to be available on xstreet.


Shape – CUSTOM – Not for Sale

Skin – [HUSH] – Zoe Natural

Eyes – PIGMENTS – Retina Eyes Beach

Lashes – [HUSH] – Lush

Teeth – [HUSH] – Say Ahh

Freckles – cheLLe – (moles) Beauty Marks

Headband – GSpot – Maris Gacha V2 black RARE – We ❤ Roleplay November

Hands – Slink – Casual

Hair – Maitreya – Lotus (Reds Pack)

Head Scarf/Hood – Shi – Chiffon Hood

Scarf – May’s Soul – Titania Scarf Black

Necklace 1 – Trident – Aesir Set Bronze

Necklace 2 – Trident – Raven Wing Necklace

Necklace 3 – Maris Gacha Necklace black COMMON – We ❤ Roleplay November

Dress – JunBug – Stellata Peasant in Black

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