Bundle up Hilda..

For the December We ❤ Roleplay event Junbug put out a cute viking/torvie dress/apron called Hilda.  What’s neat about this release is the color change hud option.  You can buy the dress for $350L, and then you can pick up the color change hud for $250L.  What you get is 8 color options for the apron.  I have this habit in RL, if I find a shirt (or shoes.. bras… or whatever really) that I fall in love with I buy it in every color.  This compulsive color hoarding disorder of mine has carried over to SL.  SO.. for people like me who fat pack it up at every turn and overwhelm their inventory with 10 different color selections of the same style dress .. this color change hud is a dream come true (and a totally affordable option imo).

My fur addiction continues.  The Cloak is from Ryvolter.  It’s absolutely snuggleishious (go ahead, just try to say that outloud).  The only gripes I have are #1 it only comes in 2 sizes.  #2, the rigging sits a bit weird so when you move at times it can look a little off.  But my nitpicking aside, the texture is superb and over all I love it.  It’s over priced, but meh, splurge .. it’s almost Christmas.

The Scarf is from ISON.  Love it .. have it in every color (big surprise there).

And last but not least, TRUTH finally FINALLY came out with new hair.  I realize I start to go into hair withdrawals if new hair isn’t released on a weekly or at the very least bi-weekly basis, but it feels like lately it has been forever since my favorite hair designers have put out anything new.  So now I’ve had my fix and I’ll be good for a week or two.

Enough with my rambling and on to the pictures!




Skin – HUSH – Robin (Rose)

Teeth – HUSH – Say Ahh

Hair – TRUTH – Althea (NEW)

Cloak – .: ryvolter :. – Uma Fox Fur Cape – Grey # 1

Scarf – ISON – oversized infinity scarf

Dress – JunBug – Hilda – We ❤ Roleplay DECEMBER

And just because I cover up the dress a fair bit, here’s two more shots of the dress itself.  I wanted to highlight the sleeves and give a glimpse of the sides because Junbug has really out done herself.  I love that her mesh is actually the mesh itself not a shaded texture (when looking at laces and folds and wrinkles etc)



Hands – SLinnk – Casual

Necklace – TRIDENT – Aesir Set

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