Fantasy Gacha for the Free Women

Once again Junbug offers some absolutely stunning original mesh.  I watch her blog like a hawk, randomly visit her store.  And I may have at one point stopped what I was doing at work to check a notice that she put out through my phone.  It’s safe to say I’m a fan.  This time around she offered 3 different things in her gacha machine.  The commons are a beautifully draped cowl, the rares a very simple yet elegant dress.  Both will be featured in a future posting.  However, the Ultra Rare, well lets just say I have a new favorite dress.


The dress is a single piece (I know I was bummed, I hoped the over dress was separate and I could use it for a slave outfit.  I fully intend on pestering her the next time I see her online.

Dress – JunBug – M’lady Fur Kirtle in Earth ULTRA RARE – FANTASY GACHA FEBRUARY

The shadows and folds are perfectly done.  The fur trim is beautiful and the depth that the two layer component of the dress has looks fantastic in world.  One of the things I really admire about her work is she creates actual mesh pieces of the different layers instead of just using a shaded texture.


And a shot of the back ..


Here’s a bit more of a close up of it.  Another fantastic goodie I got from this months Gacha was the headpiece I’m wearing.

Black Pears – Trinity’s Wish Obsidian – FANTASY GACHA FEBRUARY

However the flowers in my hair are an old Gspot perk that comes with the Haunted Moss dress


Both the Necklace and Ring are from Trident

Earth Mother Pendant and Viking Ring in Bronze

Hair – BURLEY – LoLa Reds

Hands – Slink

Skin – [HUSH] – Zoe Natural

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