OksoIlied…. I can’t wait so here’s the first installment of the Fantasy Gacha amazingness I’ve picked up so far this round.  As much as I love putting together an entire outfit of only Gacha swag it’s almost cruel if you’ve pissed off the Gacha Gods and those little machines wont spit out what you want.  So I’m making a concerted effort to integrate Gacha awesomeness with things I already have .. or that can easily be purchased off marketplace or from a store.


So whats from the Fantasy Gacha?

The super sexy gold chain necklace of course!!

It’s done by:

Mays Soul – Ferala necklace gold RARE – FANTASY GACHA FEBRUARY


Headpieces are by:

[The Forge] both were former Gacha goodies that can now be purchased at their main store.

Nipple covers are also from a past Gacha  by:

Luas – Allegra – Gold RARE


And the remainder of the outfit:

Harem Pants & Jewel Belly Chain – Soedara – Gayat al-Muna Harem Girl – Purple Dawn

Bracelets – Zaara –  Nizam Choodiya (bangles) gold *white*

Hands/Feet – Slink

Boobs – Lolas Tango

Skin – [HUSH] X3 – Starr in Charcoal

Hair – TRUTH – Genesis

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