It’s been way too long ..

Yes .. way way way too long .. I feel terrible about it actually.  Several events took breaks it appeared through the Holidays and my creativity came to a screeching halt.

At any rate … it’s now back and to kick things off we’re featuring Enfant Terrible.  It’s been so wonderful watching her grown as a clothing creator and mesh creator.  I have oodles of respect for what she is able to do.  My only one small complaint is that as she is breaking away from the mainly gor brand image she had initially created with Gspot her new products are a little more challenging to fit into Gor (at times).  Mostly I would say do to some of the textures she is using however that doesn’t stop me and I still absolutely adore everything she makes.

So take a gander at one of her newer creations.  There’s actually a top piece and arm pieces.  However I opted not to wear them for this particular outfit.



Dress – Enfant Terrible – Phyllidas Gown Ice

Shoes – Enfant Terrible – Wayfarers Sandals – Light Gray

Bracelets/Arm Cuffs – [The Forge] – Boadicea’s Bracelets (Bronze)

Collar – [The Forge] – Wrought Collar

Face Chains – . a i s l i n g . – Xanthe -N3-  Silver & N2 Silver – FANTASY GACHA OCTOBER

Hair – TRUTH – Harley

Hands/Feet – Slink

Boobs – LoLas Tango

Skin – [HUSH] – X3 Starr – Charcoal

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