The Gacha Goddess and my Fairy Gacha-mother

I feel like Cinderella, well a much more naked version of her.  Since the very first post ever made I’ve been following Imo’s SL fashion blog SwagGor (check it out, it’s linked on the side of my blog).  She has always been my fashion Yoda.  I’ve known her for years and she, with her stunning avatar and creative ability to put together exquisite outfits has had a style and skill I’ve always aspired to achieve.  With my own personal twist of course.  At any rate you can imagine my glee when she dropped on me some amazing Fantasy Gacha rares made by one of my favorite designers.  Since the event opened I’ve been hemming and hawing about how I could possibly display it well enough to do the artistry of this creator justice.  I hope you readers find I’ve managed it in some form or another.

So here we go… and the creator I’m talking about?  aisling of course.  Once again she has done a simply divine set of pieces.  I’ve included several different pictures to show the skillful work she has done and be beautiful details on the back of the pieces as well.  Also I can’t forget to give due appreciation to !dM whom I have never featured before, May’s Soul, and [Keystone].


Collar – .a i s l i n g. – Faranth Collar (gold) RARE – FANTASY GACHA FEBRUARY

Pauldrons – .a i s l i n g. – Faranth Pauldrons (gold) RARE – FANTASY GACHA FEBRUARY

Bracers – .a i s l i n g. – Faranth Bracers (gold) – FANTASY GACHA FEBRUARY

Thigh Pieces – .a i s l i n g. – Faranth Thigh (g0ld) – FANTASY GACHA FEBRUARY

Lower Legs – .a i s l i n g. – Faranth Lower Leg (gold) – FANTASY GACHA FEBRUARY

Crown – May’s Soul – Normal Halo Gold – FANTASY GACHA FEBRUARY

Chest Chains (necklace) – May’s Soul – Ferala Necklace Gold RARE – FANTASY GACHA FEBRUARY

Forehead Piece – [Keystone] – Bru’ella Bronze x Gold – FANTASY GACHA FEBRUARY

Skirt – !dM – Harpyia Ornament Belt (canary) FANTASY GACHA FEBRUARY

Pasties – LUAS – Allegra Nipple Piercings gold RARE – Past Fantasy Gacha

Bracelets – Zaara – Nizam Choobiya bangles (white)


Shape – Custom – Not for Sale

Skin – HUSH – X3 Starr charcoal

Hair – TRUTH – Chynna

Hands & Feet – Slink

Boobs – LoLas Tango

Teeth/Mouth – HUSH – Say Ahh

Nosering – :Hebenon Vial: – Beast (Gold) – HIGHLY MODIFIED


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