Fantasy Collective Part 2 – Hidden Desert Jewel

Fair is Fair .. my previous post highlighted a stunning slave look from the Fantasy Collective Event, so this time around I went for a Free Woman look.

The dress is by Apsara called Wafa.  The dress by itself won’t do well for a BtB gorean free woman, but with some patience, and by adding a few things it certainly can work.


I’m using 3 different scarves to achieve this look.  There is an over the back of the head drape that loops over your shoulders and hangs down over your chest (its green) from Apsara as well.  This has a “with hair” option that much like nearly every other head draping mesh scarf on SL wont work with 99% of hairs. For my hair I have opted to use the head scarf series from Maitreya, modified the scarf portion to be invisible, and the moved pieces of hair around or made them invisible as necessary.  The black scarf is part of that same series.  The larger green scarf around my neck is from ISON, the infinity scarf.  The face veil is from Soedara – Elysian Tiamat Veil.  I have also added an undershirt from LUAS part of her Suede Modesty Pack.


Here is one of 2 shots featuring the dress without my additions.  It’s very pretty and the texturing is beautiful.

In this shot my hair is from Exile – Where We Belong

Bracelets are [The Forge] Boadicea’s Bracelets in gold

Head Pieces are .:GSpot:. Ghaaliyas Gems green gold (An old Gacha item)


[Keystone]  Bru’ella – Bronze x Gold / Common / – FANTASY GACHA FEBRUARY


Hands are from SLink

Body is Custom and not for sale

Skin is from HUSH – Zoe Natural

***Photo taken on the Kasbah of the Guard of the Dunes Sim***


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