A Little Girl’s Fantasy – Genre Merfolk and The Arcade

I can’t even begin to express how excited I was when I found out that Genre’s theme for their March event was Merfolk.  I think every little girl at some point has had the fantasy of being a mermaid, and I (like so many others I hope) made a beeline for any mermaid sim I could find when I first came to SL.  While I never did any mermaid roleplay I had the ‘almost opportunity’ to awhile back and painstakingly went about creating my perfect mermaid look.  And now finally ages later I get to flaunt it.  Thank you Genre!!  So here goes ..



Starfish Pasties and Arm Cuff – .:Wimey:. – Cover Your Boobs Pls

Coral Ring – Frogstar – Deepsea Ring



Hair – Exile – Rain Wild Fusion RARE

Purple Coral Horns – +Half-Deer+ – Aventine Horns – Kraken RARE


The Rest of the Mermaid Look ..

Hair Tentacles & Coral Tiara – +PE+(Panda Express – Only Available on Marketplace)

Ear Pieces (Can’t see them but they’re there) – :[P]:-Chrysalis – Anemone

Bracelets – [Forge] – Steel Cuff

Chain/Net Top and Belt – OtherSkin – Ningyo Skirt

Mermaid Tail – =LunaSea= – Calypso

Additional Fins (glowing ones) – [Gauze] – Merfolk – Sea Foam

Face Scales/Eye Makeup – [Gauze] – Mermaid – Eyes&Scales  – Cetoscarus

Eyes – [Gauze] – Aphrodite Demon

Body Scales – Even Tide – White Scales

Gills – Tideborns – Gills


Body – Custom

Skin – Glam Affair – Mokatana – America 3

Hands – Slink

Photos Taken At Haven of Mermaids

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