Forest Muse

And as promised .. a fashion post.  I’ve been in a softer more whimsical mood.  Perhaps it’s a bit of spring fever.  Hope you enjoy..


The look that inspires …

Dress – !gO! – Khaleesi dress

Yet another delightful creation by !gO!.  I picked this dress up awhile back but waited until the right mood struck to blog it in a way that does it justice.


Headpiece #1 – *OAL* – Melody Crown – GENRE

Headpiece #2 – .Enfant Terrible. – Midsommer Dream Flowerband pastel RARE (Gacha Machine @ their Main Store)

Forehead Piece – [BlackPearls] – Trinity’s Wish_Rock Crystal (Common) – Past Fantasy Gacha

Collar – [FORGE] – Wrought Collar

Necklace – .Enfant Terrible. – Midsommer Dream Necklace (Gacha Machine @ their Main Store)

Upper Arm Cuffs – *OAL* – Crysantha Arm Cuffs – THE FANTASY ROOM

Bracelets – [MANDALA] – TAKARA Bangle/Inca gold

Rings – .Enfant Terrible. – Vintage Girl


Hair – D!va – D!va2 – FREE GROUP GIFT!!!!!

Body – Custom – Not for Sale

Skin – Glam Affair – Amberly

Hands – Slink

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