Born of the Water..

So I thought to myself this morning … Self .. why don’t you try making a blog post in the middle of the day instead of 2am when most sane people are asleep or based on time zones at work.  Slightly concerning that I’m having conversations with myself over the best times to make a blog post .. details details.. anyways .. here goes .. and no, it’s not a mermaid post .. though I’m kind of itching to do another one of those..


I know I know .. you can’t see much yet .. don’t worry though, I went a bit picture crazy on this one.

Dress – ~The Library~ – Astoria Dress Blue – We ❤ Roleplay MARCH

Crown – May’s Soul – Normal Halo Gold (Old Fantasy Gacha)

But wait …. there’s more ..


Gold Skirt Piece – ~The Library~ Galatea Skirt – GENRE

I love layering different mesh pieces (when possible) and if you happen to get pieces from the same creator the textures tend to match really well.


Upper Arm Cuff – *OAL* – Crysantha Arm Cuffs – THE FANTASY ROOM

Wrist Cuffs – [FORGE] – Celtic Bangle – NEW


Left Hand Ring – [FORGE] – Cluster Ring

Right Hand Ring – [FORGE] – Colure Ring

Necklace – [FORGE] – Bauble Necklace

***Something to note with Forge’s stuff.  The texture change hud he uses speaks to -everything- that uses that script.  Texture a piece then remove it before texturing a different piece of jewelry or else -everything- will be retextured***


Skin – Glam Affair

Body – Custom – Not for Sale

Hands – Slink

Hair – Clawtooth – Windswept

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