The Mother of Dragons

You had to know it was coming.  We owe it all to !gO!, OAL, and Keystone for their fantastic new releases.  I got a sneak peak of these great pieces for the Secret Affair opening for the first time April 6th.  The theme is .. obviously .. Game of Thrones.


Upcoming Releases ..

Skirt & Top – !gO! – khaleesi desert – SECRET AFFAIR

Horn Crown – [Keystone] – Wildlings Crowns – Y’zi – ULTRA RARE – SECRET AFFAIR

Horn Forehead Piece – [Keystone] – Vie’s Antlers

Gold Upper & Lower Arm Cuffs – *OAL* – Elle Cuff


And not to mention…

Metal Forehead/Nose Piece – [Keystone] Bru’ella – Bronze / Common / (Old Gacha)

Claw/Tooth Upper Arm Bands and Belt – .Eldritch. – Clawed Wrap (The belt is a heavily modified arm piece)

Necklace – .Eldritch. – Cnamh Necklace

Sandals – Enfant Terrible – Wayfarer’s Sandals

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl


Lets not forget my little pets ..

Left Shoulder Dragon (green) – Isle of Wyrms – Spire Dragon Familiar

Right Shoulder Dragon – Digital Zero – Dragon Shoulder Pet

Dragon on the Ground – Manticore – Volcanic Dragons v2

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