Steampunk Dutchess

“She has halls and she has castles, and the resonant Steam-Eagles, Follow far on the directing of her floating dove-like hand, With a thunderous vapour trailing, underneath the starry vigils, So to mark upon the blasted heaven, the measure of her land.” – Edgar Allan Poe

I know I know .. still not Gor .. it’s coming .. I promise


All my friends will tell you, for the last 3 days I’ve been playing with this outfit, waiting for We <3RP to open so I could pick up every corset offered in this round and try them all till I found the ‘perfect fit’.

I’m featuring items from 3 events, We <3RP, Fantasy Gacha Carnival, and Fantasy Faire.  I’ve also added some previous releases from [BlackPearls], and [FORGE].

So lets break this down…

We <3RP (It just took me 3 tries not to type a # instead of a 3…I’m tired)

Corset – {RW} – Asteria Armored Corset


Fantasy Gacha

Head Piece/Horns – Pure Poison – Caprisci Headdress – RARE


Fantasy Faire

Wings – Death Row Designs – Steamwings brass

Bracers – [The Forge] – Steamer Bracers

Pocket Watch Necklace – [The Forge] – Pocket Watch

Skirt – 22769 – Battleskirt Brown Leather


And my stunning accessories (a girl’s best friend btw .. purses and pretty sparklies).. and the rest of the Outfit

Necklace – [Black Pearls] – Endless Journey Necklace v2

Belt – [Black Pearls] – ToolBelt (Casual Steam)

And yes … the hands on the watches move .. it’s so awesome!

Leather Pauldron & Arm Guard – [The Forge] Darkur RARE – Old Gacha @ the Store

Gold Pauldron – [The Forge] Elise Pauldron – Old Gacha @ the Store

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Boots – JD – Ara (Previous We <3RP)

Shirt – [Black Pearls] – Leona

Shape – Mine

Skin – The Skinnery – Quianna

Hair – Truth – Sassy 2

***Photo Taken @ Alirium**

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