I know why the caged bird sings…

Fantasy Gacha is open and busily sucking my $L like a leech.  I hope it’s being a little more gentle with the rest of you.  Tonight I’m focusing on Aisling’s other contribution to the event as well as the RACK poses cage.  I may have gone a bit crazy with the pictures, 10 all up and loaded onto my flickr feel free to glance over them if you like, I figured I’d avoid posting all of them on the blog.

As is expected Aisling’s set is getting a lot of promotion on just about every blog I follow.  My favorites off the top of my head .. Swaggor, I C U Cammin, The Gorean Brat, and Infamously Notorious with The Gorean Deviant.  Check them out!

At any rate .. on to my version.


Fantasy Gacha

Headpiece – . a i s l i n g . – Fangarth Headdress -ULTRA RARE

Mask – . a i s l i n g . – Fangarth Mask -RARE

Collar – . a i s l i n g . – Fangarth-Collar -COMMON

Necklace – . a i s l i n g . – Fangarth-Necklace -RARE

Bracers – . a i s l i n g . – Fangarth-Bracer- COMMON

Lower Leg Pieces – . a i s l i n g . – Fangarth -COMMON


Also at Fantasy Gacha

RACK Poses – The Caged Beast (comes with the cage)


Other Parts of the Outfit

Foot Wraps – [Keystone] – Bound feet Flat

Whats awesome about the Keystone foot wraps is …….THEY’RE FOR FLAT FEET!  Yay!  Good things for those of us that aren’t toe walkers.

Skirt – *SongF* – Windsong skirt (Previous Gacha – Check their mainstore)

Blue Body Paint – :: YaYo :: – Primal

White Body Paint – Chary – Mode Paint

I’ve not found featured Chary body paint before, check out the store, very nicely done and several other color options and LoLas appliers included.  Very Impressed.


Thanks to Tolo ναļєяιυѕ (tolouse.rosenberg) for being my man model – Don’t ask me what he’s wearing heck if I know .. God I’m a terrible blogger.


Body – Mine

Skin – The Skinnery – Quianna

Hands & Feet – Slink

***Photos taken on Alirium and Lydius***

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