Cranky Pants…

Contrary to the title of this post .. there are no pants… however accurately enough I am cranky.  Ever have one of those nights when you hate every pose you have, very picture you take, and cannot find the sim match what you have in your head?  Yeah … its that night.  I’ve been sitting on this outfit for days, trying to come up with the shot that fits what I’ve got going on in my head and nothing seems to work.  Blah.. fall back on alirium.  Thank god for the sim I can take a shot in no matter my mood.  Maybe I’ll get out of my funk in the next few days.  On a more positive note…. I’m featuring some nicely made pieces by Black Pearls, a creator I don’t feature nearly enough.  I’m also revisiting Keystone, my forever love for crowns/headpieces/etc, and threw in a few things off the Fantasy Gacha Carnival for good measure.


Camisk/Top/Vest/Vest – [BP] – Leona

Skirt/Wrist Warmers/Leg Warmers – [BP] – The Fallen (Fantasy Gacha)


Antler Crown (the big one) – [Keystone] Wildlings Crowns – Y’zi – ULTRA RARE (Old Gacha)

Antler Forehead Piece (the littler one) – [Keystone] – Vie’s Antlers

Upper Arm Pieces – Eldritch – (Clawed Wrap)

Facial Piercings – :Hebenon Vial: – Metal Mouth

Nose Piercing – AITUI – Bull Horn Septum Piercing

Bloody Face Paint – Bite & Claw – Warpaints #5 (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Body Dirt – Overt – Dirt

Eye Stripe – Bombard – Eyeshadow

Collar- [FORGE] – Wrought Collar

Hair – Milk – High End Hippy

Hands – Slink

Skin – The Skinnery – Quiana

Body – Mine


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