B*tch I will shoot you…

Well this is a first.  I’ve never played much with weapons in posts in the past, perhaps because deep down inside I know I’ll find some way to shoot my eye out, even in SL.  Anyone who has experienced the joy of me in a raid via skype or vent will attest to the girly squeals of frustration and anyone who has actually -seen- me in rl attempting to pewpew will tell you my convulsing body movements in no way actually -help- my avatar move in the direction I’m flailing.  I am 100% a girl that plays video games … not a gamer girl.  I’ll post a picture to illustrate my point.


This is why Mena rarely raids…..

At any rate … on to the post..


From We <3RP

Cloths .. all of it.  I’m feeling lazy.  The Top, Dress, Bracers, Little Arm Straps, Thigh Dagger, and Pants – Velvet Whip – Dauntless

It’s cute.  Super cute actually.  I’m rather pleased with it.  It comes with LoLas appliers for those of us that love the bewbies, and several Alpha options so you don’t see gaps where the dress stops and your body (or boobs) start.  It also comes with a vest.  Unfortunately my boobs > vest tonight.

Golden Forehead Tiara – [Keystone] – Eni’s Forged Circlet


No really … I wasn’t kidding.  I will shoot you.

Bow – [EZ] – Eldar Bow

Don’t panic … I couldn’t hit the side of a barn on a sunny day.


Upper Arm Pieces & Hand Pieces – .aisling. – LadyOfHighgarden (go to her store, she has old gacha machines there)

Golden Chest Armour – [The Forge] – Scale Armour (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Golden Face Accents – [The Forge] – Face Art

Belt – [The Forge] – Boadicea’s Belt

Crown – LUAS – Astaroth Crown (Old Gacha)

Boots – JD – Ara


Face Paint – Chary – Native Paints

Ears & Ear Chains – *~*Illusions*~* – Seelie Ears (Ear chains bought separately)

Skin – The Skinnery – Quiana

Hair – [taketomi] – MeiLing (The Seasons Story)


Photos taken at Fantasy Faire Fairelands Junction

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