Naked has never looked so good


I decided to let the picture introduce itself …..

What is this you say?  A fashion blog with a picture of pure nakedness .. yes well.. welcome to the world of WowMeh the mesh body.  If you’re rolling your eyes stop it.  I did the same thing when I stumbled on it while trolling marketplace.  Pfft I said to myself … BAH .. How can you possibly be an individual with a -mesh- body.  What about appliers?!  How will I get it to match my skin”  I scoffed and huffed and puffed and clicked on to the next thing.  A short 12 hours later a friend of mine popped into my IMs “Have you heard of that WowMeh mesh body?”  she asks.  “Sure yeah, not sure what I think of it.  I was planning on taking a look at it later” I answer.  Then comes the tp to see her shape.  I died.  Skinnery applier and all.  Once again, I dismissed something I really shouldn’t have.  It’s fitted mesh, or some call it liquid mesh.  For those who don’t know, fitted mesh/liquid mesh responds to your body fat as well as the basic frame of your avatar.  That means as you adjust sliders (any of them) you will see changes in your mesh shape.

What came next was me buying it, playing with it, finding out I have a new love in my SL life … and promptly IMing everyone I could find online to check it out.

So let’s break this down shall we?  I’m not using any photo editing effects on these.


The redhead – Modeled by Daisy (Iasel Resident) who generously let me remake her completely with the WowMeh body, make a custom shape for her, and pick a new skin.  She was a good sport to say the least.  I’m a makeover nazi… go here .. take this tp .. buy that… no get that… over here now .. that thing .. you need new hair too .. and so on.  It should be noted there were extensive talks with her rp owner to get the ‘right’ look that would make him throb so I can’t take -all- the credit.  The skin is Ming by Skinnery, the collar she is wearing is by Forge, hair is by Little Bones, Moon Child, available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival

The Brunette – Modeled by … me … using the Amberly skin by Glam Affair (because yes, they have an applier for the body as well).  So as I was fussing around and playing I thought to myself …. ‘self … I wonder of Lolas will work with my new bangin body.’  Guess what .. THEY DO!  It just takes a bit of fussing.  So there we have the Lolas with the Mesh body.


Black Hair – Modeled by … me again.  Different shape, really I just wanted to show off the ass.  The curves are beautiful.  I love it.  So does every man that I showed it to.  Mostly I just want to display the different things you can do with this body just by editing your shape.


Here’s my complaint about ‘fat’ shapes in SL.  If you get the chunky mesh one it’s blah.  I’ve never been particularly impressed.  If you make your avatar ‘fat’ using system sliders .. its ick.  But this.  I gotta say, I love it.  I have always been a fan of curvy girls and chunky avatars.  Anyone who knew me 6 years ago will attest to that and seems to remember my -thick- avatar.  This is me again, duh, with Skinnery Quiana.  No LoLas in this one, that’s the system boobs.

If you look closely you can see at the wrists a small gap.  Never fear.  The hands and feet are separate mesh attachments to the body.  You are still able to use your slink hands and feet if you’d like.

But what about cloths you may ask.  Well ………… yeah.  That’s a bit of a struggle.  I won’t lie about that.  Because you have control over your shape you are able to shrink down your butt, your boobs, etc to fit ‘some’ mesh clothing, however you’re still limited.  There is some clothing made for the avatar but it’s scant.  Give it time.  Any clothing designer who wants to keep up with the times will come out with clothing appliers.

So my final say when it come to the WowMeh fitted mesh body by baby ghosn … pick one up if you have the $L to spare.  It’s cheap compared to getting Lolas, Phat or Ghetto Booty, Slink hands and feet, etc.  And if you’re not willing to make the leap just yet, keep a close eye on this.  I see great things to come.

6 thoughts on “Naked has never looked so good

  1. Hi

    I bought the mesh body as well, and when I put my lola on it also glam I see shadow under it any tips to edit ? because when I look at your pick your editing is great with the lola 🙂

    • What sort of things have you tried? What I usually end up doing is taking up the buoyancy of the system breasts as high as it will go (aka, absolutely no sagging) that tends to “lift” the shadow somewhat out of sight. Many people also set their breast size to 0 when wearing lolas. Based on the size of your Lolas you can actually size up your breasts (on the sliders) that also affects the lay of the skin texture and helps to pull the shadow out of view. I also pull my Lolas down lower on my chest, sink them in further, and rotate them up just a little bit (to further hide the chest part of the LoLas). This is with the regular LoLas Tango though. I have yet to break out my set of Tango Mirage to see how they work. The shaping of them is slightly different. Hope this helps!

  2. I happened across the Fitted Mesh by chance too…figured, why not, it was only 350L….I spend more on an outfit. So I tried It and with my limited knowledge of appliers and such I too fell in love with it. So much I was telling all my friends to “cam me…look at my ass”. So lots of friends purchased it too. But it does take time to understand it. Biggest downfall….lots of people don’t have the newest update to see it…so I was getting tons of IM’s, saying that I was messing up their screens. Explaining what i was wearing and so forth. I would love to have someone to help me to custom my it is difficult if you are new to all this stuff.

    • Catch me in world (Mena Lancaster) and I’ll help you out if you like. Maybe a ‘support’ group could be started. Either way I love tinkering with avatars.

  3. AH thank you for your reply that fast, well I did play with it and yes I had the boobs on 0, but I made them a little bit bigger so the shadow is gone. Oh yes that to now lol finding clothes, at least we can wear some boots with the alpha in the hud and skirts!

  4. Thanks for taking the time to showcase the WowMeh body. I’ve been trying to find more information on it. Great idea showing different avatars/shapes too so people get an idea of how it can look.

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