Dressing the Mesh & Keystone Releases

Ok well sorta dressing the Wowmeh mesh body.  At least the bottom half.  The hud that comes with the body offers alpha layers but I haven’t had the time to fuss with them yet.  Instead I’m offering you this …. one of Soedara’s newer releases (Arabic Equinox) happens to (however keep in mind the shape is affected by the sliders, so you have a bit of wiggle room if you’re willing to make some slight adjustments to your shape.  Also to be noted … I am wearing Slink hands and feet with the Wowmeh body …


Some Tattoo Creators have also jumped on the band wagon and begun creating appliers with their tattoos to go on the body.  This one is from Letis (called Inermis) and I love it!


I’m also featuring a few things from different events:

Leg Wraps – May’s Soul – We <3RP

Arabian Belt w/ Flowers & Headpiece/face chain w/ flowers – May’s Soul – Fantasy Gacha Carnival (Rare & Ultra Rare)


There are also a few upcoming releases (or already released) things from Keystone.

The copper head piece is by Keystone.  It will be released at the Tales of Fantasy Gacha (which isn’t opening for awhile yet).

Copper Collar – Keystone – Mennia (available @ her store and on marketplace)

Bracelet by LUAS (Triunfo bracelet)


Hand & Feet Henna Markings – Jalwa – Neha

Skin – Skinnery – Quiana

Hair – Little Bones – Moon Child (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

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