Spring in Bloom

And so are the free women …. blooming with babies that is.  Well here we go, maternity clothing for the gorean (or fantasy) woman who went and got knocked up.  I’ve been on the hunt for acceptable outfits and struggle to find much of anything (aside from Junbug’s maternity dress of which she unfortunately only has one style), when lo, and behold On a Lark’s blogger pack for 25L Tuesday hit my inventory.  I may have squeaked.  Ok I did.  Lark (Discovery Destiny) has created a beautiful maternity dress in a myriad of colors.  It comes with a modesty undershirt as well as sleeves.  The dress itself is very pretty, and textured to give the impression of layers.  I wish more creators would sell ‘layered’ mesh dresses.  Goreans wore layers …. they’re like onions… and Ogres (Shrek reference in case you didn’t catch it).


Dress – On A Lark – Abundance (Sky)

Necklace – On A Lark – Dragonius

Now, I’m going to take a moment to complain.  I by no means am bashing Lark or any other clothing creator.  You have my respect and admiration for the beautiful things you create for all of us to enjoy.  However.  Creators.  Please …. please make an ‘undershirt’ option that matches any sleeve additions or the dress itself.  Perhaps I’m weird and overly ‘matchie matchie’ however what I would have loved beyond anything would have been for that modesty shirt to match the brown of the sleeves to give the impression of one dress below, and the blue worn over.  Like……….



Undershirt – On A Lark – Beau (Coal)

Now I certainly could have gone without the sleeves and just the undershirt layer the dress comes with and had a much ‘lighter’ summery sort of look with the cream/white and blue, and you know what else is cute … the white undershirt layer and the brown over it .. OMG MORE LAYERS!  But anyways … details.


Back to the pretty dress.  I will point out again the nice texturing and shading she did on the lower half, splitting the over dress to see brown beneath.

Fur Shoulder Pieces – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Ps … Enfant … where are you?  Darling you were creating such imaginative and beautiful original mesh but I haven’t seen something new from you in what feels like ages.  Come back to us…. I want to give you more of my money.


Shoes – Aisling – Tess Orty

Hair – Truth – Vida

Hands & Feet – Slink

Hybrid Mesh Head – Snow Rabbit – Nea (natural white)

Yes … I’m wearing the mesh head.  Note to those who might wonder … Mesh head does not play well with WowMeh mesh body.  Tried it, with several different skin appliers and every fall back windlight -always works- setting I have.

Epic fail… I wept.

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