By Special Request…

You can thank Liliana Stark (belesi.capelo) for this post.  We were talking this afternoon and she requested a ‘wedding’ look for a GoT theme.  A wedding between House Martell and House Stark to be exact.  To get into the mood for it I finally watched Sunday night’s GoT episode ***Spoiler Alert*** my favorite Martell dies.  Fitting I suppose considering the general theme of weddings and GoT involves death.  But be that as it may … the colors of House Martell are gold and red, the colors of Stark, green and beige and black.  It basically adds up to Christmas, or some sort of gothy look…. not really wedding suitable.  So sorry darlings, it’s only red and gold today… and white of course.  So here goes … I’ve never been so stressy over a post before.  Will she like it?  Does this work?  Is it enough?  Is it too much … ha.  All in all I had fun… so feel free to hit me up with requests in the future and I’ll see what I can come up with.  I always love a challenge.


I’ve worked in some new releases from upcoming events …

Cape – PFC – Hoplite – Totally Top Shelf (Opening June 13th)

If you watch GoT you’ll know a cape/cloak is part of the wedding ceremony……yes .. I’m a nerd

Forehead Piece – [Keystone] – Vestella RARE – Tales of Fantasy (Opening June 10th)

Hair – ~Tableau Vivant~ Longfall Hair – DarkBrowns (The Arcade Open NOW!)


Headpiece – Gspot – Ghaaliyas Gems (Old Gacha)

Undershirt/Chest Covering Shawl thingie – Zaara – Distressed Shrug

Necklace – May’s Soul – ferala necklace RARE (Old Gacha)

Red Jewel Ring – The Forge – Cluster Ring

Other Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl


Hair Pieces… here goes …

Gold Sun & Spears/Arrows – ieQED – Gold (Old Gacha)

Gold Heart and Chains (that are actually ear pieces) – .:GSpot:. La Rie Tiara GOLD Ultra Rare and .:GSpot:. La Rie Earcuff


The Dress – !dM – Margaery (Pearl)

The red part is color change, you can also change the opacity the gold rose and chains are also color change (pretty neat trick).  I also love the trim at the bottom of the dress.  understated yet tasteful and elegant.

My Dire Wolf is from Manticore

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