Totally Top Shelf .. Black Pearls, :(Sad Harlequin):, and some oldies but still goodies

Continuing on with the great previews for Totally Top Shelf … and I <3RP ..


From Totally Top Shelf (Opening June 13th)

Head piece – Black Pearls – Gaia Crown

(There is also a beautiful collar to match that will be featured in a later blog.. ooo the mystery of it.  As a side note though, I adore this head piece.  I love how she has used twigs to add more dimension, the accents on the side are great and the shape down the forehead works really well with hair that exposes your forehead .. for those of us that twitch over bare foreheads and hairlines)

Bracelets – [Keystone] – Grecian Slave Ropes

(I’m really digging the rope bracelets.  They’re simple and yet have a great texture and fit to them.  I think Keystone has done a very good job of offering something that isn’t overly flashy or complicated.  It’s a great addition to an outfit and something realistic for slaves in Gor to wear as an accessory.)


Also New .. or to be Released at an event upcoming (because Im a terrible horrible blogger and can’t remember which/where sorry Xan .. I’ll edit the post as soon as you tell me)

Face Chains – :(SH): (Sad Harlequin aka Xanimations) – Facechain Classico – Wace

They can be found at I <3RP’s June round at a discount & at the main store for full price


Upper Arm Cuff – The Forge – [The Forge] Boadicea’s Bracelets

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Dress – .:GSpot:. – Serenity


Hair – .:EMO-tions:. * JADE *

Shape – Custom – Mine

Skin – The Skinnery – Quiana

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