New from Magika, Sticky Shapes, and We <3Rp with a lil bit of WowMeh

It’s past 1pm on a Sunday and I’ve moved from my bed, to the couch.  Someone is lazy today, painfully lazy.  I have about three different posts started, and of course only one actually finished, lets not even think about the 6 or 7 clothing pieces sitting in my inventory I still need to -do- something with.  I’ve been a bit distracted lately.

One of things I hear from a staggering number of people in SL is ‘I can’t do shapes’ or ‘Where can I get a good shape to go with xyz skin’.  We all know of shape places such as Body Doubles where for $700L you can look just like Angelina Jolie.. or at least get the shape of her.  I get that many out there have the attitude of ‘I just -made- my own shape’  and when you say ‘oh?  How?”  the answer is “I just made it”.  Alrighty.  I can accept that there’s prodigal shape creators out there, but for most of the SL world there’s a learning curve.  All those sliders are intimidating and lord knows the system shape is god awful.  Most people need a base to work off of.  Many people don’t want to deal with having to make a shape at all.  They want the whole package in one easy go and are happy with it that way.  For those people we have ….. [STICKY] by Bourbon Arcana.  Affordable, cute, a great variety of shapes to match most of the major skin creators (at least any of the worthwhile ones).  I asked her to send me a shape about as different from my usual shape as one could get … so here it is.. Butterscotch.  It includes a style card telling you where to get the skin to go with it etc.  For those of us who make our own shapes (or at least for me in particular) I find I end up with a general ‘look’ that carries through all my shapes (regardless of different skins being used).  I have a great deal of respect for those who can put together shapes that look vastly different from one another.  And .. for those that struggle with a problem similar to mine, they provide a great chance for you to start off with something different from your usual look, expand your shape horizons a bit.


Another thing to point out .. I am wearing the WowMeh body with this shape (it looks the same without the mesh body I promise).  For those who have the body and are struggling with shaping that liquid mesh, consider picking up a [Sticky] shape that you like and using it as a jumping off point.  And in case you don’t have WowMeh and are wondering where to get it … the answer for the moment is …. No where.  It has been pulled of xstreet and out of the in world shop following a DMCA filed against them (and several other mesh body part creators …. according to rumors on the grid .. which we all rarely believe).  Sit tight and wait to see what happens … with luck they will be back shortly with more improvements and updates.


New from Magika [Hair] – Reading

From We <3RP

Body Paint – – .HoD. – Sanvean (They have Appliers for every mesh add on part you can imagine)

Face Paint – – .HoD. – Deardriu Face Paint


Bracers & Ankle Wraps – . a i s l i n g . Fangarth – Old Gacha – Check the store

Necklace – AZOURY –  Sansa (Black) – Old Gacha – Check the Store

Face Chain – [Keystone] – Coronae Chains

Forehead Piece – [Keystone] – Vestella

Skirt – ::MO::  – Chained Beast


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