!gO!, We <3 RP, Chapter Four, Magika … and a ginger without a soul

“… lets get rich and give everybody nice sweaters and  teach them how to dance…. lets get rich and build a house on a mountain makin everybody look like ants .. way up there, you and I… you and I…”

I’ve been listening to a lot of Ingrid Michaelson lately.  Not that I’m actually quoting the song below, but it’s what loosely inspired this post’s look.

It’s not very -gorean- in my opinion, but Bourbon of Gorean Deviant said it could almost pass as she-urty .. so we’ll go with that … or I’ll just wear it in GE.  That works too.

So here goes …….


I’ve been remiss and not blogged !gO!’s new releases nearly enough.  So.. here it is…

Dress – !gO! – Steam Girl Gypsy

I really love this.  It’s light and quarky and cute.  I adore the gathers in the front and the slightly ‘grungy’ floral texture.

The little jacket I’m wearing over the dress is ….from … We <3RP

Velvet Whip – The Keeper (Coffee)


Also .. other new releases 

Hair – Magika – Written

From Chapter Four

The pretty flower and twig headpiece (which has been modified, the flour has more sprouty things coming off it)

Headpiece – *LODE* – Doodoo – White Rare (Gacha)


Bead Necklace – *League* – Wanderer Necklace

Long Brown Necklace – *League* – Tassle Necklace

Bracelets – Earthstones – Gimme Those Wood Bangles (neutral)

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Belt – The Forge – [The Forge] – Elan Brown/Gold (Gacha @ The Store)

Brown Plaid Stockings – MIEL – LO SOCKS EXPRESSO PLAID

Beige Ripped Stockings – Rotten Toe – plain moth stocking

Brown Knee High Stockings – Miel – JANE MONO SOCK DARK

Boots – Miel – Dandy Boots


Body – Custom … All me Baby

Skin – The Skinnery – Quiana

Hands – Slink

**Photo taken @ Alirium .. with a whole bunch of stuff derendered-

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