Dear God What was I Thinking?

….. yes….. what the hell was I thinking, this is going to take me forever.  So many fantastic events open (or opening shortly).  It’s a shoppers paradise (kinda like a gangster’s paradise but with less crack, just as many hoes … and arrows instead of bullets).

Dangerous Minds came out 19 years ago…  Jesus christ I feel old.  Anyways, on to the post!

There’s a couple events focusing on Greek Mythology and Gods & Goddesses .. one is open .. the other opens shortly.  So in keeping with the theme I did my version of Medusa.


From Tales of Fantasy Gacha (currently open)

Black Head Snakes & Shield – May’s Soul – medusa hair & medusa shield (Ultra Rare)

Horns with Black & Gold Adornments, Golden Chest Piece, Upper Arm, Lower Arm & Thigh – The Forge – Aphrodite’s Set.. all gacha .. Ultra Rare, Rare, and Common

(Thigh pieces are bracelets re-sized and re-positioned)

Necklace – [Haste] – Deity Necklace Bronze

Bracer – PFC~ – Medusa bracer (common.. and yet annoying very uncommon for me to get)

Skirt – Peqe – Hades (Ultra Rare)


From Totally Top Shelf (Opening June 13th)

Skin – Aria – The Sea

Nail Applier – Wicked Peach – Poseidon

Blue Flowers & Snakes Head Piece – [AM] – Medusa (Blue)

Face Paint (Forehead) – AMB – World’s Horrors Black Stage 2


From Collabor88 (Open Now)

Shirt – (Milk Motion) – crossover bralet

(It’s only 88L … go get it .. )

From The Countdown Room (Opening Tomorrow.. err.. today?  Whatever)

Face Chains – [Keystone] – Chain Essentials


From Stores … 

Hair – Emo – Rula & Jade (Wearing 2 sets of hair)

Gold Headpiece – [Keystone] – Wildlings Crowns

Eyelashes –  WORLDWIDE INDUSTRIES  – Lashes v2 Feathers (Only available on Marketplace & I tinted them)

Chin/Neck/Chest Paint – Nuuna – Meta Makeups

Lipstick – The Skinnery – Lip Intensity (comes with Quiana skin)

Sandals & Rings – Enfant Terrible

Hands – Slink

***Photos Taken in the Unknown’s Tunnels … I’m forever lost in them***

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