Totally Top Shelf Baby .. and some Aisling too

I figured this time around I’d avoid serpents in my hair and blue skin :).  This is something simple featuring another Totally Top Shelf Preview (I hope you’re as excited as I am) as well as the stunning new set from Aisling available at the Tales of Fantasy Gacha, and another style of Keystone face chains at Countdown Room (which just opened today)


Totally Top Shelf .. Opening June 13th

Dress – … ][Murdock !nc.][ … – Gorgo 2 – (Gacha)


From Countdown Room (Open Now)

Face Chains – [Keystone] – Chain Essentials

From Tales of Fantasy Gacha (Open Now)

Head Piece, Upper Arms, Bracelets, Hand Pieces – .aisling. – Eunice (commons & rare)

From Stores …

Collar – .:EMO-tions:. * KALUHA *

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Wing Rings – Remarkable Oblivion – Duality

Skin – Skinnery – Quiana

Hands – Slink

Hair – TRUTH – Lagertha

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