Black Swan

I should be sleeping … I will be shortly.  In this post I’ve featured a few more things from We <3RP, Fit for a Princess, and a new release by {X-Animations} (slightly re-purposed).



Dress – Junbug – Prima Ballerina in Ink – FIT FOR A PRINCESS EVENT

Black Bird Headpiece – {X-Animations} – The Birds – The Falcon (New release .. it’s actually a collar and it’s beautiful.  Adore it!)


From We <3RP..

Forehead Piece (black roses) – OrsiniRed – Heavy Coss Headband Black

Face Decoration – =Kio= Abandoned- Garden

Woven Head Pieces – *OAL* – Woven Crown and *OAL* – Gardenia Crown

Necklace – *League* – Raven Necklace


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