Totally Top Shelf – It just keeps on coming ..

So … every time I log in I get notices of new things from Totally Top Shelf.  In my lazy afternoon lunch break post I’m featuring two such post-opening surprises (granted one of them came out awhile ago, I just dragged butt on gathering everything up from notices)..

First things first .. my Snake Hair [uL] Gorgon Hair – Blue… because it’s what every girl needs (you just havent realized it yet).  For those of us that don’t rp in a realm where snake hair is the norm .. ie .. gor .. never fear.  You can still use your snake hair.  With the right -hair- hair added to it POOF .. you’re the crazy snake lady of gor with snakes in your hair.  Yes .. I will be doing this… just give me time.

Also featured from Totally Top Shelf is *[MeshedUp]*_Crown.  I love it.  I think it’s safe to say its one of my new favorite crowns to wear.


Moving on to -everything else-… from a bunch of different places (half of which I cannot remember.  I suck)


Gold Face Pieces around my Eyes – [The Forge] – Face Art

Face Chains – [Keystone] – Chain Essentials (We <3RP)

Nose Piercing – {PopTart} – Trammel Septum (We <3Rp maybe?  Yeah I think so)

Nose Chains – [Keystone] – Amary’s Nose chains

Necklace/Chest Piece/Arm Pieces/ Bracelets/Hand Pieces  – .aisling. – Eunice (Tales of Fantasy Gacha – Ultra Rares & Commons)

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage girl

Scales – Wicked Tattoos – Scales (Recolored)

Scales – eve gaelyth – Mer Scales (look it up on xstreet)

Snake Tale & Fins and All that Stuff:

!dM Lamia – NagaQueen Fins

!dM Lamia – NagaQueen Crown

!dM Lamia – NagaTail **BANDED LAPIS**


Back to work for me …. BYE BYE!!!!!!!

CRAP!  I’m back … editing .. forgot the Nipple Shield Pastie thingies .. – Soedara – Nubian Divinity (modified to remove chains)

NOW .. bye bye!

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