Vestal Virgin

Sure why not ..  in keeping with my inventory excavation .. cause it really is an archaeological undertaking of epic proportions.. I’m featuring things I’ve had (that you might already have too and just not know what to do with, or want a new look to go with it)

Speaking of, a friend of mine and I were lamenting over messy inventories.  I have since decided to have an inventory sorting party.  Date to be determined.  It will include lots of booze, vent and/or skype…and a whole ton of gacha stuff dropped out for whomever to take as they please (mostly cause Im sick of it in my inventory).

On to the outfit!!!!


Dress – CAVERNA OBSCURA – Spartan Queen Dress (white)

Shoes – Pure Poison – Viking Woman Sandals (Fantasy Collective – Viking Theme)


Top to Bottom Jewelry

Tiara – *OAL* – Woven Crown

Face chains (around eyes) – :(SH): – Facechain Classico

Face chains w/ gems – [Keystone]-  Esme Facial Chains

Nose Piercings & Chains – [Keystone] – Amary’s Nose chains

Chest Chains – May’s Soul – ferala necklace gold (Rare – Past Gacha)

Upper Arm Chains – Noodles – Clara Arm Chain Gold (Summerfest)

Body Chains – May’s Soul – majestic chain gold

Belt – Maxi Gossamer – Hip Chain – Tokyo Party Night

Bracelets –  Zaara – Nizam Choodiya (bangles) gold *white* (Summerfest)

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl


White Body Paint – Chary – Mode Paint (White)

Henna Back Paint – Bilo – Henna Vertical Back

Hair – Spellbound – Warrior

Hands & Feet – Slink

Skin – Skinnery – Quiana

Body – Mine

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