Burning Sands

I don’t know why I was struggling today with actually completing the post I started.  Even right now for example, I write a few words, then zone out staring at my avatar, I’m not even rping.  I’m doing -absolutely nothing-.  I’ve continued on with my ‘going through old stuff’ kick, and also reusing things recently blogged in other outfits cause… there’s nothing more annoying then buying something and only ever using it once.  So here it is ..


Dress – The muses .- Burning Sand

Bra – The Muses . – Terpsichore

Shoes – . a i s l i n g . – Hind Shoes



Jeweled Forehead Piece – The Library – Alais Headdress-Ruby

Face Chains – [Keystone] – Chain Essentials

Earings/Bracelets – . a i s l i n g . – Saku Set

Chain Necklace – Enfant Terrible – Decor Armor

Tooth Necklace – Amala – The Dragons Necklace V2 (We <3RP)

Pendant Necklace – Vigo – Sigil Necklace

Pouldrons – ieQED – sunspear.pauldron.gold

Upper Arm Chains – Noodles – Clara Arm Chain (With added Martell Sigil by :ENIGMA:)


Skin – Skinnery – Quiana

Hands & Feet – Slink

Scars – Little Pricks – Healed Scarring

Furniture Set – On A Lark & Sweet Poison – Asilah Set (@ Genre)

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