Slink Physique Mesh Figure – My Review

It’s another naked post!!  Yay!!  For anyone whose lost sleep wondering what Mena looks like naked .. here you go.


For those who were unlucky enough to miss the opportunity to pick up a WowMeh (but really really want it) before it was pulled, the new Slink Physique body is a no-brainer.  Go get it.  It’s better than anything else I’ve come across -still- out there, and, it will -always- be better naked than a system shape (In my humble opinion).  If you love your system shape I fully support you, more often than not I’m still kicking around in my system shape.  If you’re rarely naked – Don’t bother chucking L$ into a mesh product you’re never going to flaunt.  Dressing mesh shapes can still be a chore, though they’ve come a long way in a brief period of time and the alpha options make them more versatile there are still some things you just -can’t- wear with a mesh shape that you can with a system one.

According to Baby Ghosn’s WowMeh Blog there will be no counter claim filed against the original DMCA filed on June 5th.  This means, our current WowMeh bodies will not be back.  There will however be a new WowMeh created, unfortunately no release date has been given.

But what about those who got the WowMeh and are wondering if they should pick up the Slink body, well here goes.  The comparison ..

In the photos WowMeh is featured first, Slink second.


The first thing I found as I began to play with the Slink body is it is -smaller-.  When put on over the same system shape I use for WowMeh Insize shape, the slink shape is not as curvy.  The legs are slimmer, the hips are as well.  In general it is a leaner mesh body.  It requires a bit more fussing and the body itself does not react as closely to small slider changes as the WoWmeh body does.  In order to achieve round smooth hips to thighs I had to decrease my leg muscle to nearly nothing and bounce my saddlebags up to OMG huge.  Similarly I had to bounce up my body thickness, fat, generally everything.  If you aren’t comfortable messing with your sliders to fine tune to the OCD level I live in this might not be the thing for you.  However, the body itself is smooth (if that makes any sense at all).  When I first put it on I hated it… -HATED- it.  As I’ve worn it more and played with it I’m slowly coming around.


The Boobs… they’re important.  Just admit it.  In this department Slink wins.  The WowMeh breast is more peaked and triangular, the Slink, much softer and rounded, the nipple less pronounced and larger.  Once again, same system shape in the comparison pictures.


As for the junk in the trunk… WowMeh has more of the shelf badonkadonk bubble butt going on.  Slink is less pronounced and blends more smoothly into your thighs and lower back.  In that respect it looks more -natural- to me.  The jury is still out …


Now for the neck.  Even with appliers that match you get a line.  It’s the nature of the beast.  However, the Slink body is also made to work with a mesh head, so the neck extends all the way up to your jaw.  While the alpha layer knocks out your body up to the middle of your neck, the remaining mesh part of it that extends higher is still visible.  In order to get rid of this you have to use the slink hud and select the alpha option for your neck (but there is still a line.. it’s just a little higher up on your neck than the line for WowMeh)

Now, for the torso.  On the Slink body there is a weird divot looking indent at your belly button that no amount of slider play can make go away (that I’ve been able to achieve).  It’s barely noticeable… but it annoys me.


See?  Egh… it makes me twitch.

 On to the Huds …


I never spent a huge amount of time fussing with the WowMeh hud.  However, it does appear to have more alpha options on the legs.  But less when it comes to the hip/groin area, chest, etc.  The Slink hud however is much more streamlined.

As for other mesh add ons (such as hands and feet).  WowMeh never -perfectly- fit your slink hands or feet.  You could get darn close but never a perfect match there.  Most simply wear bracelets to cover the line.  With the Slink body your slink hands and feet match perfectly IF you wear the xsmall hands.  Apparetly that information is listed on a link in a NC but who reads instructions anyways.  I just sat there pouty over an alpha line with my medium hands, got annoyed, walked away .. came back and figured it out for myself.


Body shot of the Slink from behind …

I’m a bit gripey about some of the shadow lines and shading but that’s a skin thing not the shape.


Front shot … I know .. Captain Obvious.

So final decision?  Still not sure.  There are things I like about it, and things I have some hesitations with, however I have a feeling with a bit more messing around I can smooth those out.  If your skin creator has made an applier for the Slink body, I say give it a try.  If you’re just not ready to part with your WowMeh I don’t blame you.  But, it’s comforting to know there’s another option out there that isn’t atrocious.

If you venture out of your comfort zone and pick up a Slink body (to replace your WowMeh – Or because you haven’t had a mesh body before) and hit a snag, feel free to IM me.  I’m happy to pop over and help you out.

4 thoughts on “Slink Physique Mesh Figure – My Review

    • I loved your review. I bought the mesh body but I am having major issues with it. The AV appears two toned light and dark. I need it to be dark for her roleplay character, a gypsy in medieval roleplay. My name is Seraphina Valeur on SL. Thank you!

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  2. The body is entirely no-modify. Please note that if you create your own skins/textures, this skin is NOT friendly for you by any means.

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