30L Viking Gacha … GoT Style

So many good finds, if you know what you’re looking for.  In this post I’m featuring Junbug’s new release available at the 30L Viking Gacha.  It’s a dress (half of which I’ve covered, but I’m sure it will pop up in a future post.  The bodice is a corset, the skirt is a very nice rich looking fabric with a slit up the thigh -very- sexy.  In GoT rp there’s a Masquerade Ball planned for this weekend, so this post, and possibly a few others, will be a bit to that style.  Enjoy!


Dress – Junbug – The Valkyrie in Blue RARE (30L Viking Gacha)

Gold Corset Piece – -Pixicat- Ornate.Dress (Previous We <3RP – Use the Hud that comes with it to make the skirt invisible)


Accessories …

Head Piece – Alchemy – Mother of Dragons – ULTRA RARE (Previous Gacha)

Mask – *~*Illusions*~* Columbina Curia (They aren’t inworld at the moment, check them out on Xstreet)

Chest piece – [The Forge] – Scale Armour (Ultra Rare Gacha @ Main Store)

Upper Arms/Bracelets/Hand Pieces – .aisling. – Eunice (Tales of Fantasy Gacha check their mainstore)

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Hair – little bones. – I Get Around (Gacha – Check their Mainstore)

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