The Iron Islands Girl – New From Countdown Room!!

Countdown Room opens tomorrow midday!  Be excited!  Be very excited!  I sure am!  In keeping with my GoT inspired posts I’m doing a Greyjoy girl look .. well .. girl-ish.. under all the boy cloths.


I don’t often have the opportunity to post men’s clothing .. mostly cause I have girly parts and in my opinion I suck at putting together outfits for guys.  However!  At Countdown room (and featured in this post) we have a great buy for guys!  OMG!  FOR MEN!  It’s about time.

So .. Found @ The Countdown Room

Tunic Top Thingie and Bracers – Equinox – Moros (in black .. but there’s a red option as well)

Pose – RACK Poses – Amazon 1 (It’s actually for 2 people .. but there’s only one of me.  Mores the pity for the world.. the 2nd pose shown below.  And it comes with the swords.)


Belts – THE FORGE – Elan (black & silver), Elane (brown & gold) – Gacha Machine @ the Mainstore

Boots – JD – Ara (black)

Pants – Velvet Whip – Dauntless

Chainmail Top – the muses – Rainha (black)

Kilt – !gO! – khaleesi desert skirt (Old Secret Affair Gacha)


Facial Bruises #1 – Corvus : Beaten Up Face Tattoo

Facial Cuts and what not #2 – Little Pricks – Ruined

Bloody Nose – Little Pricks – Bloody Nose

Dirty Bloody Hand Appliers – AE (Adam & Eve Skins) – SLINK Applier HUD (Dirt, Sand, Blood)

Hair – Wasabi Pills – Claire

Hands – Slink .. duh

Body – Still mine..

Skin – The Skinnery – Quiana

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