The Shops Mesh Body Review..vs Slink … vs WowMeh

Hello Darlings!  Yes .. it’s another naked review.  The buzz about the mesh body over at The Shops finally reached my ears by way of a friend asking what I think.  I have a feeling I’m a bit late to this particular party but oh well.  So… here’s the previous review of Slink vs WowMeh.  Just in case I refer back to it.  First things first.  The Shops body is free, as are the hands and feet.  If you don’t have the $L to throw into a mesh body this is the best option you’ve got.

The order of photos … The Shops … Slink … WowMeh


So the first thing I noticed, The Shops body responds better to changes you make to your system shape much better than the Slink body does.  You don’t have to make such drastic changes to receive the results you want.  However, The Shops body doesn’t look as good with a chunkier look (imo) or a taller avatar.  It does seem to work pretty well if you’re doing a smaller more delicate avatar.  All in all though its not -bad- per say.  You still have the flexibility fitted mesh provides.


And the boobs …. sorry, Slink still wins. The Shops boobs are, um … not … they’re just not.  I had to sag them down, play with the size, take the cleavage down to 0 .. I have never spent this much time fuckin’ around with fun bags .. mine or anyone else’s.  And I still wasn’t keen on the outcome.  Once again, smaller avatar, smaller boobs .. better results.

Let me put it this way … The Shops – 1960/1970s boob job … WowMeh – 1980s boob job… Slink – 2014 baby ..


“That’s Mushy Snugglebites’ badonkadonk. She’s my main squeeze. Lady’s got a gut fulla’ dynamite and a booty like POOOW!”

If you can tell me what that quote is from without googling it I will love you forever,

The Shops has a serious bubble butt.  I’m sure you can take it down, chill it out a bit, however the shape is the shape and it’s way more exaggerated than even the WowMeh booty.  Slink is still the most natural look.  Though, for those who love their ghetto and phatz The Shops junk in the trunk may appeal to you more.

You can see the hands in this as well.  The wrists are a bit thick into the hands, but I believe they are working on it.  Below is a pic of the feet.  They look good from the side, a bit awkward from head on.  There is also the issue of shoes, to my knowledge there aren’t that many shoes out there that are compatible.  What IS cool is you have 3 different foot options, flat, medium, etc…


I applaud the work they are doing … and … once again .. it’s FREE (hands and feet are as well).  And like everything it is a work in progress they are still perfecting.  You don’t loose anything by trying it out and seeing if you like it or not (which I strongly recommend).  I take that back, you may loose a bit of sanity.  The shop of The Shops is …… um … interesting.  They’re doing a hud based purchasing system.  I’m old, I’m stubborn, and I like things simple …. my first computer was mac (although this old dog can learn new tricks.. its a PC now and .. well .. I did figure out The Shops shop .. eventually after some profanity in my Mama’s IM box).  SO .. when I land in a shop that is -cool- looking, but requires picking up a hud .. tping to another area, clicking around, activating the hud, working your way through said hud… way too many steps.  I want to tp in .. rez… buy .. wear.

Skins and Appliers?  Nope.  Not yet.  The mesh body/hands/feet are compatible with The Shops skins (which are very pretty mind you) and built into the ‘style hud’ there is an impressive selection of skins that can -nearly- match the skin you currently have (and also a neck fade pack you can pick up to further match).  It just takes a bit of work.

Also .. drawback .. no alpha layers as of yet either.

Bour of The Gorean Deviant has done a review of the shape as well.  You should check it out if you haven’t already.  Her pics are WAY prettier.

Final say?  Go for it.  You have nothing to loose.  If you don’t like the outcome trash it and wait to see what changes and improvements they come out with as time goes on.  The creators are very talented, they have some great, dynamic, new concepts that are only going to continue to grow and improve.

9 thoughts on “The Shops Mesh Body Review..vs Slink … vs WowMeh

  1. I think the body from the shop have to pull a little more soft boob and booty but the shape o boob actually many woman have that shape and will be perfect, for me, look more natural slink boob but the shape of vagina and wow meh and slink are horrible no woman show every moment inter lips look pretty ugly, the shop look more elegant like you actually have in real life your pussy or those genitalia from wowh meh and slink are too use open all the time :/ the same problem have [theSkinnery] shop fabulous skin but detail in genitalia like ghetto . Excellent post so good know about others mesh body. thanks

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  3. Borderlands 2, Slink has to be the worst by far of all 3, only reason i would ever use it again is the support it has with the feet and hands.

    The owner of Slink Physique is clearly suffering from a eating disorder, i prefer looking like a woman with curves so Wowmeh and Shops is a far better option.

    Much still depends on your choice of shape and skin applier.

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