A Baratheon Take .. sorta..

It’s my day off.  I decided to take Friday and Monday off work.  So what happens?  Hardcore partying Thursday night with loads of drinking?  Newp.  Fell asleep by before 11pm and was up at 6am.  Wtf?  I’m confident I’ll be back in bed by noon snoring away.  BUT in the mean time I’m getting laundry done, dishes washed, floors cleaned .. ooo lala its a productive morning.  Did I mention I think I broke my vagina?  Not what you expected or wanted to read on a fashion blog but hear me out.  The corner of our dryer door is right about that height on me, and I left it open while I was switching loads.  And what did I do?  Turned and stepped right into it .. -right- into it.  That -area- isnt a whole lot of square footage so how the hell it managed to line up -perfectly- is beyond my comprehension .. but needless to say .. I got about as close to a nut punch as I’ll ever get and I never need to experience it again.  Sorry guys, now I know vaguely how you feel.  And with that mental image (you’re welcome) on to the post …


More Secret Affair deliciousness .. a bit of the 30L Viking Gacha .. and some stuff from Mainstores

Dress – .aisling. – Valentine Lace Exclusive – The Secret Affair

Shoes – *{Junbug}* – Valkyrie Sandals – 30L Viking Gacha

Necklace/Pouldrons/Upper Arms/Bracers – . aisling . – Tallulah (commons and rares) – The Secret Affair

Head Piece #1 – [Keystone] – Jalilah – The Secret Affair (Exclusive)

Head Piece #2 – [Keystone] – Kynn

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Crown – ieQED – cache.crown.stag.pitch ULTRA-RARE – Gacha @ their Mainstore


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