Lady of the Ravens … or Crows … Black Winged Creatures

I’ve been sitting on this outfit for a few days now, wearing it around and only finally getting around to blogging it.  Of course at 2am.  And I go back to work tomorrow.  My heart is sad.  Anyways .. here it is.  Enjoy.


Where to start ..

Dress – Peqe – Riding Hood Gown

A few things about this dress .. #1 – It has a beautiful open middle of the back that is just elegant.  #2 The hood comes in several different sizes meant to accommodate hair (thank you Peqe for having the forethought to do this and give us a fighting chance) but I still struggled to find one that would work.

Sleeves – Stitched – Caecilia Sleeves (in white, tinted to black.  Thank you Stitched for making these mod)

Corset – :[P]:- Malchia Corset (Fawn)

Love it .. and at the back it sits perfectly against the dress.  Looks awesome.


Head Piece – [Keystone] – Sjofn

Pouldrons & Chest Chains – ::B&C:: – Chained Pauldrons (We <3RP)

Gorget – .:SF:. – “Ibelin” Gorget Collar (We <3RP)

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

My Pretty Pets (and the poses) – Axix – Lady Crow

Creepy Trees/Rocks/Fog – !Pandemonium –  Swamp Kit (on xstreet @ a promo price)

Hair – *ARGRACE* – Victoria (yes it works under the hood, you just have to move it a lil wee bit)

Skin – The Skinnery – Quiana

Hands – Slink

Body – Mine

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