Summer Time

Today we have a very sweet slave type camisk made by On A Lark (which can also be used as a top if you wear pants beneath it for a more covered less slave look)


If there is any doubt as to what my favorite hair fair release was let me put that to rest … its the OhMai Sopha (with birds).  I have this weird desire to be whimsical and this hair just fits the bill completely.

Dress – On A Lark – Adena (which you can get at her mainstore)

So here’s what I love so much about this camisk (other than the fact that you can wear it as a top as well), the strip of bare flesh down the side is just flat out hot.  On a Lark has the -sexy sweet- corner of the market pegged in my opinion.  Any time I wear something by her I want to frolic in a field and talk to birds like some scantly clad Snow White (before going home to my 7 vertically challenged roommates .. I think I saw a porno loosely based on that once.)  All tangents aside, this is one of those outfits I was able to put on and do absolutely no modifications to my shape.. Lark .. you are my hero.

Sleeves – Stitched – Caecilia (modified for color tint .. bless your heart again for leaving this mod)

Crown of Flowers – *OAL* – Melody Crown (old Genre release)

Collar – *{Junbug}* Freyja’s Collar – Silver  (past Gacha you can get at her Mainstore OR you can go to Another Mans Treasure Gacha Market and pick it up for 50L)

Necklace – *OAL* – Cira

Skin – The Skinnery – Quiana

Shape – Mine

Hands – Slink

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