It’s raining men … Mesh … Men …

Or rather .. it’s raining a man.  Brynden Stark (tokugawa.eclipse) to be exact, who was patient enough and kind enough to let me molest him with my SL camera and pose him like my own personal Ken doll for a bit.  I would like to point out how disappointing it is that the only naked man I’ve seen in …. well … I can’t remember when .. it’s been that long .. is because he’s modeling a mesh men’s body.  It’s ok, a girl’s gotta take what she can get.

Oh dear … did that sound desperate?


So .. for those of you who want your dudes (or for the few dudes that follow this) to try out a mesh body consider..

The mesh shape, Head, and Skin are all from – Acacia CO.

Like any fitted mesh you can make alterations to it by changing the sliders on the shape it comes with (yes it comes with a base shape).  He also says it works with the majority of his clothing and it’s pretty easy to work with once you get the hang of it.


The Skin is very -very- detailed.  Looks nearly real.  However, if you over stretch your shape and make it too big the skin texture will start to look a bit weird.  The one thing I caught immediately with it that I disliked are the eyes, they are set further back in the head so you can from certain camera positions see through the eye sockets and through the head itself. Brynden pointed out that the pecks are a bit small on the shape and could do with some thickening up to match the musculature of the rest of it.

I know you’re all waiting for the full body shot complete with his naughty bits… so here you go ..


GACHA!  No free peeks here .. ya’all gotta like the post and follow my blog for the full nude .. mmhm.. that’s whatchya gotta do.

Annyways .. all in all .. it’s one of the better mesh for men shapes I’ve seen out there.  The biggest drawback … no appliers.  You have to use the skins they provide.  I’m not sure how well (if at all) it works with a system head .. you may need to pick up the mesh head to match it as well (like Brynden did).  They also make women’s mesh shapes and heads.

Can’t hurt to try it .. or at the very least keep an eye out to see what else they come up with.

 Thanks again Brynden for letting me use you!

Ladder – We’re closed – (free group gift at their mainstore)


Yeah… that’s as close as I got…

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