I should be in bed …

Yeah that about sums it up.  Yet another outfit I’ve been sitting on for awhile wearing around and haven’t blogged.  A few gacha things, some slx finds (OMG right?  Remember searing -most recent- in apparel for hours every day to keep up on new releases and find random things?)


Dress – [VM] VERO MODERO – Flaming Dress

I like the dres, its slinky sexy.. however .. the alpha is a bit odd (it works but depending on how you stand and where you’re camming you see chunks of your inner thigh missing .. and .. VM darling, please remember to texture the inside of your mesh dresses if it’s going to be a slit like this and we can see it, you did a great job with the texture, love the dress as a whole … buuuut.  If you’re not a stickler for this and you can get past it def. pick up the dress.  If you are .. pass on it.  It’ll drive you nuts.

Chest Cover – Luas – Ophelia (Secret Affair  Gacha)


Arms/Bracelets – .aisling.- Eunice

Necklace – [The Forge] – Trojan Necklace – The Limited Event

Earrings – :Fusion: – Spiked Earrings – The Limited Event

Belly Button Jewel – . a i s l i n g . Saku

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Hip Chain – MG – Tokyo Party Night

Sandals – Pure Poison – Aurora Sandals (We <3RP)


Drop Necklace down the Back – :Fusion: – Spike drop necklace gold – The Limited Event (Modified, rotated)

Hair – booN – TUM278

Skin – The Skinnery – Quiana

Hands – Slink

Body – Mine

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