Geisha Gardens …FGC Previews

Or something like that sure.  So for this post, because I decided Saturday was the day to catch up on blogging .. we have .. More Fantasy Gacha Carnival Previews!  Woohoo.  Brace yourself.  There’s a lot.  I’m trying to feature some of the decor and buildings that will be available this round as well.  So .. bare with me.  Let’s go outfit first .. and then on to the other stuff.


Ok first and foremost .. the dress.  The dress.. is not .. a gacha preview.  The dress isn’t even an event preview.  It’s by On A Lark and it’s just about my favorite dress on the face of the planet at the moment.  Lark totally out did herself.  It comes in a variety of colors and you can find it on slx.  So .. go get it.

Dress – OAL – Glorioso

And now on to the Fantasy Gacha Previews …

Hair Fan – =Kio= – Oriental Desire

Forehead Piece – ::Axix:: – Mushu Headband UltraRare

Nose Ribbon and Fan – =Kio= – Abandoned – Asian Desire

Collar & Bracelets – May’s Soul – mei mei

Red Rope and Gold Piece Belt – ::Axix:: – Mushu ChestBelt

Parasol – *pm* – Qitou – Paper Parasol – Ornate/Purple

Not from Fantasy Gacha

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Sandals – Pure Poison – Aurora Sandals (We <3RP)

And now on to the scenes… Decor and Build Previews for Fantasy Gacha Carnival


Everything in this is Sway’s [Ren] Zen Garden

Sway's [Ren] Zen Garden gacha poster 1_1 (1024)But wait .. there’s more..


The Building – 22769 – ~ [bauwerk] Tea House RARE

The Mat, Cushion, harp thingie (cause I don’t know what it’s actually called) – Kei’s – Meditation Mat (sakura)

The Screen and Paper Lantern – {Nerdology} – A Touch of Orient

Miniature Tea House and Dolls – The Annex

Little Dragon Toy – Rivendale – Dragon Rocket

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