The Last Unicorn

Nope, it’s not a gacha, it’s not a preview .. it’s just me playing around with some pieces I have wanted to blog for awhile (I think my -stuff to blog- folder contains about half my inventory now).  When I was growing up one of my favorite books/cartoon movies was The Last Unicorn.  And so that’s what inspired this post.  Hope you enjoy a break from all the gacha/event madness.


For the Scene, the Tower (which every girl should have) is by Poetica, Willow Tower

The Unicorn – {Virtual Props} – The Last Unicorn Pose


The Outfit …

Corset – *{Junbug}* Rosamarie Corset [Floral] -ULRARARE (The Secret Affair)

Frills – *{Junbug} – Rosamarie Frilly Knickers [Blush] (The Secret Affair)

Skirt – *{Junbug}* – Rosamarie Skirt [Ivory] (The Secret Affair)

Head Piece – . a i s l i n g . – Sumiana Crown

Flowers – . a i s l i n g . – Pimflette Elegance

Unicorn Mask – Alchemy – Dreams – Filigree Mask – White – RARE (The Secret Affair)

Choker – Alchemy – Dreams – Choker – white – RARE (The Secret Affair)

Necklace/Shoulder Pieces – Alchemy – Dreams – Epaulets – White – RARE (The Secret Affair)

Bracelets – Alchemy – Dreams (The Secret Affair)

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl


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