Fantasy Gacha – Aphorism, PFC, and OAL

Trying to catch up on everything .. trying .. trying so very hard.  It sort of feels like gimping up an escalator that is meant to go down (come on, every kid on the planet has done it and if you haven’t .. totally be that asshole .. just once.. and do me a favor.. giggle a lot while you do it.)

Anyways .. we have .. open now .. Totally Top Shelf .. Fantasy Gacha.. Collabor88 .. We <3RP .. and probably a few others the mashed potatoes in my head that once made up my brain is forgetting.  Never fear .. slowly but surely I will make progress .. I swear it.

So .. for Fantasy Gacha .. we have …


Ninja pants & top – Aphorism – Fantasy Gacha

It’s Totes adorbs .. no lie .. and it just feels -comfy- to wear.  If my avatar could tell me -baby I’m so comfortable- it would totally say that

Hat – PFC – Fantasy Gacha

Everyone should have this hat

Necklace – OAL – Fantasy Gacha

Any idea how much I love her stuff?  All day every day.  Once again Lark made a beautiful delicate accessory

And on to working on the next post.  I swore I’d do at least two tonight.

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