Totally Top Shelf .. and Junbug

I vowed I’d get 2 posts done tonight .. and I seem to have manged it.  Granted I’m tired as all get out.  So Junbug is a guest designer for the Collabor88 event this month.  I’d like to point out that usually after a few days you can tp in to an event without getting the ‘region full’ alert.  Not so with Collabor88.  Every time I’ve tried to tp in I get kicked back, 5 minutes of spamming tps later .. I’m finally back in.  As always, I adore Junbug’s dress.  Totally top shelf opened over the weekend and is offering some great finds that should keep me busy blogging for awhile.  I’m also featuring a few little gems from The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  In honor of the 2 events themes.. well all 3 really I put together an Asian Water Goddess look (or at least that’s what I’m calling it).

Annndd we’re off..


Totally Top Shelf

White Shrug – Peqe – Lady’s Shrug

Eyes – {S0NG} :: Bright~ Blue Eye (I strongly recommend taking a look at them in world.  They’re glassy and pretty)

Face Piece – Bliensen + MaiTai – Cascada – Veil (Modified to retexture the jewels to look like water droplets and be a bit of a darker blue)

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Gold Chest Piece and Gold Chain Choker – [The Forge] – Eloise Ultra Rare Chest Piece/Common Chain Collar (Retextured for blue jewels)

Hair Fans and Hair Sticks – !dM – Amidala

Background Setting – {anc}- Japaneseatelier/miniature garden/jellyfish 3Li RARE (Resized to be HUGE)


Dress – Junbug – Helena [Sea Blue]

Other Parts ..

Hair – booN – TUM278

Eye Makeup – Little Pricks – Winged Eyes and Under Eyeliner

Lipstick – Hush – Lush Red

Skin – Quiana

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