The Countdown Room, TTS, Fantasy Gacha, and Junbug @ Fameshed

Ok I think that’s everything packed into the title.  Right?  Maybe?  Probably not.  It’s worth a try though.  It’s been a long day.  I -almost- didn’t make it in to post but once things quieted down and I had a few glasses of wine in me I told myself … “self .. who needs to go to bed before 2am anyways”.  Sleep is for the dead right?  So I have cats (no .. I’m not a crazy cat lady.. ), and often times I catch myself wondering just how it is so many people manage to capture their cats doing things on video to make them a viral sensation.  This morning my two boys were sitting face to face in the hallway.. apparently having an epic feline staring contest so involved and consuming they didn’t even notice me walking out of the bathroom… until all at once they did.  They were surprised and proceeded to jump and run .. right into each other… repelled off each other, and ran in separate directions.  It would have been so awesome to catch on video .. but .. unlike other cat owners (apparently if one were to believe youtube) I don’t wander around randomly recording my cats.  However I did just spend 10 minutes writing in a SL fashion blog about my cats .. maybe .. I am a crazy cat lady.


The Countdown Room

Skin – !Curvalicious – Shada Latte

A note about this skin .. I really adore it.   ÅpoloniÅ did a wonderful job.  The skin is smooth, the makeup is tasteful, the face is very pretty.  But most importantly I really do like the shade of the flesh tone.  Often times when people do a tan coloring on skin it’s either yellowy or orangie or something.  This one isn’t.  I strongly strongly recommend you take a look at the skin, demo it inworld.

Horns and Chain Headpiece – Luas – Malefica Horns Silver

Dove – Fantasy China – Flaying Dove Pack (with separated parts bp)

From Totally Top Shelf

Wing Necklace – 22769 – The Phoenix (silver)

From Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Choker/Bracers – [The Forge] – Chain Collar/Filigree Bracers

Staff – [Tia] – Empress Staff – ULTRA RARE

From FaMeshed

Dress – *{Junbug}* – The Affair

From Collabor88

Hair – ~Tableau Vivant~ – Legend Hair – Persephone

From Elsewhere

Rings – Enfant Terrible – Vintage Girl

Wings – DRD – Devine wings

Feather Eyelashes – WWI – Lashes v2 Feathers White

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