Broken …

I dunno why I wanted to call it that, but for whatever reason it’s what I think of when I look at this pic.  At any rate, more from Totally Top Shelf, The Countdown Room, and Tales of Fantasy.


From Totally Top Shelf

Torn up Body Suit Thing – HoneyB’s – Armor.Assassin

From The Countdown Room

Running Mascara – {Wicked} Peach – Lament 5

Horns/Forehead Chain – Luas – Malefica Horns

From Tales of Fantasy

Shoulder Piece/Bracers – >glYph<

From Kustom9

Hair – little bones. – Toxic (Shaved)

From Other Places … 

Halo – May’s Soul – ave maria crown

Boots – JD – Ara

Belt – Mandala – Saicho Belt

Collar – .:SF:. “Ibelin” Gorget Collar – Iron/Silver

Bloody Face – Little Pricks – Ruined & Bloody Nose (2 separate tattoos)

Body Bruises – Little Pricks – Beaten

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